A WeBWorK-MathBook XML Bridge

Robert A. Beezer

University of Puget Sound

Welcome to Seattle!

Washington State Ferries

  • Bainbridge Island: 35 Minutes
  • Bremerton: 60 minutes
  • Bremerton: USS Turner Joy destroyer (Gulf of Tonkin)

Colman Dock Today

Colman Dock 1908

Colman Dock 1913

Colman Clock 1912

Merging Technologies

  • WeBWork (since 1996), aka WW

    • Open Source problem generator and score management

    • Model: You, or MAA, or …, run a WW server

  • MathBook XML (since 2013), aka MBX

    • Open Source XML specification of scholarly documents (textbooks)

    • Model: command-line conversions to LaTeX, HTML, EPUB, Sage worksheets, Jupyter notebooks, …

OpenOregon.org Project, Summer 2015

  • Alex Jordan: WW developer, MBX developer
  • RAB: MBX founder
  • Michael Gage: WW co-founder
  • Goeff Goehle: WW developer
  • Open Educational Resources in Oregon Higher Ed ($18,500)
  • U of Puget Sound ($2,500)


  • Author WW problems in XML, within text
  • Reduces WW syntax, unifies syntax with text
  • Allows consistent cross-references to/from text
  • Output: LaTeX, HTML, stand-alone PGML problems
  • Accomodates library problems also (e.g. OPL)

Bits and Pieces

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  • Separate GitHub repository now frozen (rbeezer/ww-mbx)
  • Currently being absorbed into MBX (rbeezer/mathbook)
  • Alex Jordan: problems in PCC Calculus Lab Manual
  • RAB: reading questions in open source A First Course in Linear Algebra



Authoring Workshop

Sponsored by American Institute of Mathematics, April 25–29, Application Deadline, January 12.