The PlayDome Page

Dome photo Please download Java(tm).

The PlayDome described here is based on a design by Curt Flowers. Curt has "granted permission to use this idea and/or to reproduce and redistribute these plans for any private, non-commercial use." (See page one of the plans for the full conditions on their use.)

The PlayDome pictured above was installed at the Arcadia Montessori Learning Center in Tacoma, Washington on June 8, 1996. The 21 automobile tires have been bolted together to form a little more than half of a truncated icosahedron, which is reminiscent of Buckminster Fuller's geodesic domes, and is the same as the carbon-60 (C_60) molecule known as fullerene.

Rob Beezer, BEEZER(at)UPS(dot)EDU.
Created: June 9, 1996, Updated: June 20, 1998.